BMK TOOLS launches its first call for projects

Focus: Biomarkers in psychiatry

Why ?

Mental disorders are composed of a large spectrum of pathologies, very complex and evolutive. It is a human tragedy since the whole life trajectory remains durably affected, in all its dimensions (family, social, education and work). Diagnostic remains a very important aspect to improve quality of care and treatment. Identifying new biomarkers for those pathologies is thus a necessary step. It allows more accurate et earlier diagnostic, a follow-up of patients all along life and the assessment of treatment efficacy.

Together with the multi-organisms thematical institute “Neurosciences, cognitive sciences, neurology and psychiatry”, we have decided to launch this call for projects to highlight research on biomarkers in psychiatry.

For who: all the researchers and clinicians developping projects focused on biomarkers for psychiatric diseases. All domains of mental health are concerned: addictions, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, dementia, phobias, depression, personality disorders…


How: Go to your account and fill the form before the 10th of october! We have a dynamic questionnaire to allow you to submit your projects on biomarkers. You can fill several forms, save them, submit them or go back later if you need more time.


What : the selected projects will be support by an advisory committee (20th / 27th of october). Our committees are composed of experts with different skills and point of view, so they represent the all value chain. If needed, your referent from TTO will also present for deeper discussions.

Contact us for more details.