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Welcome to BMK TOOLS®, the site dedicated to biomarkers!

The BMK TOOLS® team is pleased to present you the new tool developed by Aviesan – The national alliance for life sciences and health.

Presentation of BMK TOOLS®

BMK TOOLS® was created to help everyone understand and master the different development stages of a biomarker, thus enabling various communities to draw upon a common language. This should make it possible, with time, to enrich the market with “success stories” that will benefit patients.

BMK TOOLS® is designed for all researchers and startups coming from the academic world, at national level, faced with a project for the development of a biomarker, across all therapeutic areas. This site brings together several tools whose use will depend on the state of development of the project and the previously identified needs.
BMK TOOLS® proposes guidelines on the different stages of the development of a biomarker: from discovery phase to market launch – The biomarker value chain – see below

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The origin of BMK TOOLS®

Born from the advancement of knowledge about molecular genetics and the extraordinary technological progress (bioinformatics, sequencing, data management), personalised medicine has established itself over the last decade as the solution to better treat diseases, better diagnose them, better predict their appearance and improve their prevention. The rise of personalised medicine is only possible if practitioners have access to biomarkers and diagnostic tests to define patient populations that are more likely to respond to a treatment. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industries have seen the costs of developing a drug soar and the use of relevant biomarkers (efficacy, toxicity) during the research and development stages has become vital. This places biomarkers at the centre of attention. However, their development and their use in the practice of medicine are not that easy.

Biomarker development takes place within a complex ecosystem, with many stakeholders (researchers, pharmaceutical industries, diagnostic industries, clinicians, regulatory authorities), all of whom have different objectives and requirements. Given the complexity of the biomarker development process, the market players need to work together (joint projects, sharing expertise…) and a relationship of trust is therefore necessary in the long term. In this context, one of the objectives of the Consortium for Thematic Valorisation (CTV) within Aviesan is to valorise research in France by facilitating contacts, exchanges, and implementing projects combining the academic world and the business community. BMK TOOLS® was therefore created to meet the need to coordinate and structure the “biomarkers” sector. Since the interest in the development of relevant biomarkers which lead to better care for patients goes beyond the national framework, EIT Health (branch of EIT, European Institute for Innovation and Technology, a body of the European Commission), joins BMK TOOLS® for the future dissemination of this tool in Europe.

BMK TOOLS® includes:

  • An educational module  “Learn” in which there is a fact sheet at every development stage of a biomarker and its detection test
  • An application module “Position a project” in which an online questionnaire is made available
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