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The BMK TOOLS® objectives

BMK TOOLS® was created to help everyone understand and master the different development stages of a biomarker, thus enabling various communities to draw upon a common language. This should make it possible, with time, to enrich the market with “success stories” that will benefit patients.

BMK TOOLS® is designed for all researchers and startups coming from the academic world, at national level, faced with a project for the development of a biomarker, across all therapeutic areas. This site brings together several tools whose use will depend on the state of development of the project and the previously identified needs.

BMK TOOLS® proposes guidelines on the different stages of the development of a biomarker: from discovery phase to market launch – The biomarker value chain – see below

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BMK TOOLS® - The biomarker value chain

> The biomarker value chain

Development stages of a biomarker

For each of these stages of the biomarker value chain, the fact sheets propose:
  • a short description of key requirements to address the next stage
  • the questions to be listed, the issues to be taken into consideration or the selection criteria

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